Sunday, September 4, 2011


Bah! I was really hoping Shale would arrive today but he was only released from Customs at 5:31am. I know he would arrive tomorrow normally. However, tomorrow is Labor Day. So I will likely have Shale in hand Tuesday instead. :( EMS does deliver on Sundays here, so it wasn't a ridiculous expectation.

Also the last several dolls I've gotten direct from company (read Iplehouse) were in my hands less than 42 full hours after they shipped. So I had kind of high expectation.

And aside from slight letdown, I've been feeling a little rundown today. I woke up at a reasonable hour, 9:30-ish, and from the start just felt weak.

Now I'm attributing it to a combination of fatigue from being out and about for 3 days running, and being back on my thyroid medicine. I refilled all my prescriptions 2 weeks ago but overlooked that one, somehow, and so I was off it for about 2 solid weeks. Today was my second day back on it, and I've felt weak, heat sensitive, and dizzy/lightheaded. I think fatigue plays a huge part in it as well, both physical and emotional fatigue. I've had a hell of a month.

Blood sugar may have also played a part. I've gotten used to eating 3 times a day, at pretty regular intervals, on workdays. I'd eat some breakfast, pack a balanced and filling lunch, and frequently have a nice dinner waiting for me when I got home from work.

On non-work days I tend to forget to eat. There's no pressure to eat when I first wake up, if I'm not going anywhere. I might remember that I should eat, about five hours after I wake up, but if I'm home I'm probably playing videogames, or engrossed in conversation or crafts etc with Osaka, so there's no guarentee I'll eat then either.

Today I ate some leftovers a few hours after I woke up. Several hours later I was laying on my bed playing Pokemon and ignoring hunger pains until Osaka came to visit with me. I ate a handful of cheezits.

Cue a dizzy spell when finally feeling hungry I walk to the store with Osaka to pick up dinner. So I ate a bag of peanut M&Ms on the walk home. I felt wobbly, I got pale, and I felt flushed. That was why I thought it might be the thyroid medicine. It can cause heat sensitivity and flushing. Osaka pointed out that it was likely blood sugar. Because she is smart.

The End.

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