Thursday, September 15, 2011

Technically employed.

So, exciting news. I have a job. A friend of mine let me know when a bunch of her co-workers got canned for various reasons, and I put in my application. Luckily enough I'd done some chit-chat and pleasant small-talk with the store manager, night before at said friend's birthday party. She (the manager) and the other manager think I am exactly what they are looking for.

My orientation (paperwork etc) is tomorrow starting 1pm, and they'll have me stay to begin training. I had to run around and buy some things last minute since they have a set uniform. I went and got some black slacks, a new black belt, and some black polishable work boots. They'll have a work shirt for me in a day or two, and in the meantime I can wear a blue polo (which I already have) to work.

It's a little shop that is essentially a "classy" pawnshop. It looks like a rent-to-own place in terms of the quality of products and the way it's all displayed, and the associates are all friendly. I'm already on great terms with three of the managers since one of them, is the afore-mentioned friend, who is in her manager training right now. The other two, were impressed with my diplomacy, and my ability to say no, firmly and apologetically. Because, this is a shop that buys their stock from customers, to sell. They don't get shipments from other places, everything for sale is stuff they've bought from people. And Katy, the friend of mine, says they want me for the buy shop, because they think I'll be pretty good at knowing what I can and should buy and what a reasonable price is, and how to let people down easy or diffuse angry people as necessary.

The job is on a 30 day probationary term, but it's certainly a start. Katy has been there quite a while, and I know if I have questions she'll be able to help me out as necessary. I'm nervous because it's different from the retail experience I do have, but I'm excited because it means I am, at least for the moment, employed. If this turns out not be something I can do well, at least it's something bringing in a paycheck for the moment.

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  1. Sounds like the beginning of a fascinating adventure :)


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