Thursday, February 24, 2011

Byuri! (and 6 months on Testosterone)

My Byuri shipped! The wig I ordered was out of stock so Iplehouse has refunded me the price, in points, which is fine by me. I'm totally ecstatic. Byuri will be my first Iplehouse doll, and my first tan doll.

I still don't have a name picked for him, but I have a few in mind. I'll wait and see what sort of impression he gives me, once I put in his eyes and find the right wig for him.

And in non-doll news I used the last of my vial of testosterone this evening giving my shot. Luckily I have an appointment at the Gender Clinic on Monday, and I should be able to get a refill script then.

Those un-interested in my documentation of changes/etc, can stop reading here.

Interestingly, this is week 27, so last Friday marked 6 months on testosterone. I should do a photo comparison.

Items of note in recent past:

I've dropped alot of mass. I've only lost about 3lbs, in the last two months, but I've lost quite a bit of mass, and I've gained muscle in my back, legs, and arms. I still have a tire around my middle, but that's pretty much all that's left as evidence that I used to be REALLY FAT. I'm still over 200lbs, but I'm getting more comfortable with how I'm looking.

Also at 6 months, I'm really starting to notice visible changes. My lips have changed shape. They've gotten more pronounced, my profile is more visible, the skin has gotten firmer, more defined. My lips have gotten a bit thicker, and my nose no longer looks out of place, or overly large, in my opinion, in relation to my other features.

My hairline has shifted, subtly, but it's shifted. I have a scar on my forehead, that used to be about 2mm below the hairline, and it's now over half an inch from the hairline. It's not receding, it's just shifting. The angles of the hairline are sharper. I still don't have sideburns, but I've got notable stubble on my chin, and in a patch on my neck just below the chin.

I'm also fuzzier on my legs, arms, and I'm seeing hints of body fuzz on my neck in the back, below my hairline, and the peach fuzz on my tummy is getting darker.

My legs and butt have completely changed shape. I've lost what little cushion I did have on my backside, and my thighs have shrunk quite a bit (as have my upper arms).

I purchased some new t-shirts on Friday and I think I should have gotten them in a large, as an XL is too big. I'll wear them as intended, for working out and sleeping, but when I do purchase again, I'll be looking at Large or Medium, depending on how much more mass I've lost.

I did mean to track these things on a weekly basis, but the changes have been so subtle that they all kind of hit me at once. My voice has dropped noticeably. More than it had at Christmas, when I called the family.

I've noticed changes in how I react emotionally too. I understand women (and female reactions) even less than I did before. My female co-workers try to get sympathy and I shrug helplessly, because I don't get why the behavior of their boyfriend/etc is bothering them.

I'm also less prone to reacting to the little stuff that bothers me. I let alot more, GENUINELY slide, because it just doesn't bug me now. When I do react it's over-much, but I'm not reacting to nearly the amount of stuff I did before. And frequently those reactions are shortly after my shots.

Which, is why I shifted to doing them Wednesday nights. I was doing them Fridays, but then I'd be RAGEY all weekend at work, which doesn't bode well for someone who is supposed to be in power, let alone someone who is supposed to provide customer service. I had initially just shifted them to Thursday mornings, but I found I was still a bit ragey on Saturdays. So, taking the shots Wednesday night after work instead, it's barely into my system by Thursday mid-shift, and I'm not totally angry by close, and the spike is mostly balanced into my system by the time I work Saturdays.

The main consistent side effects I've noticed, are increased appetite, increased libido(not that I'm doing anything with it), and a spike in anxiety/depression for the first day or two after my shots. The appetite thing has been consistent throughout the whole week for several weeks in a row now though, so that may just be that I've reached a steady base-line of T in my system, my new normal.

Also notable, I seem to have grown an inch or so in height. Which, is surprising, because I am 27, so theoretically my growth plates should have been closed. I currently stand at 5'4", as measured today by a co-worker who insisted that there is no way I was 5'2".


  1. Well, we are the same height now, because I've dropped another inch according to the nurse who measured me in December for the menopause / heart health study. My spine is healthy (no signs of osteoporosis) so it must be the squishy bits between the vertebrae. I keep offering you all the stray chin hairs and random acts of moustache. You keep turning me down. This hardly seems fair.

  2. Just as long as you don't end up with that freaky ear hair thing dad has going!


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