Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Arvid.

I don't think I went into it, but I decided not to get Iplehouse Arvid. He's gorgeous, but because I bought my bed, he's totally out of my price range. Instead I opted for Efreet, which I had wanted anyway, and I CAN manage on a layaway.

I'm a bit disappointed because I really did want Arvid, but I'm trusting that this didn't work out because something even better will. That's kind of how my luck goes.

Like the Littlefee Bisou. I probably could have just had the $400 in cash if I'd waited and bumped and bumped (my sales thread), but I think I'm much happier with him, than I would be with whatever I would have put that money towards. I liked Bisou anyway, even debated buying this specific version. And I got a GREAT deal, and recent positive feedback in the DOA marketplace. So, it worked out well. The trader is happy with her Sweet Dream Piccolo, and I'm happy with my little sleepy (AND open eyed) Bisou.

My luck seems to go that way, most of the time. Stuff I want will fall through, but stuff I need works itself out. Stuff I want will fall through, but something I want even more, will fall into my lap, a little way down the road.

Maybe I'm just a serial optimist. It keeps me going though.

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