Friday, February 18, 2011

Long day is long. Also dolls.

Today was a busy but awesome day. :] I slept in later than I meant to, and poked around online for about an hour, before I finally entered in all my receipts and my direct deposited paycheck.

That done, I fretted for a bit, and then placed my order for Iplehouse Efreet, on layaway of course. I wanted him from the moment I saw him. I've ordered him in the light brown resin, with a faceup, jeans, and a shirt. My initial payment has been confirmed, and I also saw that my Byuri is currently "on makeup" according to my response in the Q&A. So hopefully he'll ship in the next week. :]

Then Pherret got home from work a bit early, and so we all went out to lunch (Osaka, Pherret, and myself). We ate at Ninja, a reasonably priced Japanese restaurant, and I tried sushi for the first time. I don't eat fish, but Osaka couldn't finish hers, and I was still hungry after my meal, so I tried it. It was tasty. I still don't like fish, but I enjoyed the flavor.

After lunch we went and got our hair cut (me and Pherret anyway), and then had frozen yogurt at the Skinny Dip. I had lots of delicious fruit bits off in mine, and tiny gummy bears. :]

Then Pherret left to go pick up Ringo since it was about time for the school bus to drop him off, and Osaka and I went to Ross. We got a curtain rod there, a dog bed, and Osaka got a cute belt.

We also went to Game Stop, since our favorite one, is there in the same shopping complex, and I picked up Dragon Quest VI for the DS.

After that we went to Target where I picked up a refill of my thyroid medicine, more vitamins, etc. And we also found some great curtains there for Ringo and my room.

We have a huge window that lets in a ton of light, and in the interests of preserving our dolls, it made sense to get some window coverings.

Then after Target we went to the bank(s) to run some more errands, and then to the mall. Osaka and I took Ringo to Build A Bear to surprise him with his belated birthday present from me. I got him the pink star-covered bear with the speakers in his feet, to use with the MP3 player he got for Christmas. I got the black one for myself.

And that was pretty much all the running we'd planned so we had dinner at Cracker Barrel and came home. :]

It was a very productive day, and very busy. When we got home, Osaka put up the curtains straight away. They're great. I'll probably take new photos of the room soon to show that and some of the other changes.

As it is, I started feeling way more tired than I should, around 9pm, so I'm probably gonna take a shower and go to sleep soon.

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  1. Glad you had a fun day with everyone and still got a lot done.


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