Saturday, March 25, 2017

Short Post

Mom and I did a whirlwind run to East Tennessee and back. We were able to fit nearly everything into the Tardis. The last of it is less than half the truck bed.

Had a really great if short visit with Osaka and Ringo. We went to Boone, NC and visited a favorite eatery, Tucker's Cafe, as well as The Mast Store in Valley Crusis I think.

Weather prevented further joint adventure. We drove through light snow on the way there and back both. We also enjoyed lunch with Osaka's brother as we passed through Nashville, and so visited the Lego store there.

We got back roughly as scheduled and have been physically recovering since. My body took issue with the constant change in elevation and air pressure at our highway speeds flying through mountains and valleys. I had extreme physical distress the first day after we got back and have had fits of joint pain, migraines, etc.

Despite the pain, it was a good trip. I was so happy to be there at the farm with my very best friend and her son whom I also care deeply for.  I also enjoyed real proper winter weather for a few days.

School started up again Tuesday for me, and I've slipped back into my schedule. I'm hoping current migraine settles down and I feel human again soon. :)

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