Thursday, March 9, 2017

General Update

I thought I posted here after my follow up appointment but apparently not.

Copied from my post in my Bipolar Support group:

"I had my follow up appt with my primary Tuesday before class and after discussion he has upped my dose of Ritalin. He wants me to take the same dose per, four times a day instead of twice. This is supposed to even out the mood shifts I’ve been experiencing.

I’m also packing and organizing for my trip back to Tennessee to see my BFF and collect the rest of my belongings from storage at her place. We are planning to visit a few yarn stores before Mom and I turn around and head back.

I’m currently doing all of the prep, sorting what I need to take and trying to pack efficiently so we have more room in the cab of the truck. I made a checklist to be done over the next few days and I’m making decent progress at a reasonable rate.

We leave Friday evening and so my goal is to be packed, dressed, and ready by 4pm so I have two hours of flexibility to math out how I want to stack things behind my seat on the way there."

I've done everything on the checklist I made except load the truck and put last sundry items in suitcase.

Faythe, one of my sisters will be at the house doing some sundry maintenance and to help me unload on arrival back. Logan has also offered to help if he is not at work when we get in.

I am so thankful for my family and friends. I seriously could not ask for better people in my life. I am super excited to be visiting Osaka and Ringo, and Mom has timed the trip so we should actually get to catch up a bit before we turn around and head home.

I officially have just one class now. I failed my online courses. I could not do the heavy coursework because of health and inability to focus (because pain). It sucks but I'll deal with the school and try to prevent academic probation with medical documentation. I also have to argue with them that ASL counts as a language towards a degree so there is that too. I'll deal with that later in the semester.

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