Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Migraines and stormy weather.

I woke at midnight with an intensified crippling migraine. I've been fighting this at varying intensities since Sunday.
The pain presented as such that I wouldn't handle light or sound at midnight in a darkened house. I could sort of grope through the dark with one eye covered but I've got migraine blindness going where great swathes of my vision are impaired. So, I pulled my sleep mask askance to cover my left eye (I drew this backwards) like so.

Of course there have been massive storms rolling through so Mom's safety alert radio went off  half dozen times between midnight and 2am. Because safety. The storm passed mostly to the North and South of us. That safety weather radio is a screamer and feels like a dental drill to the face even when I'm not suffering from a migraine.
I'm exhausted but nsot sure if I'll get sleep. Ugh.

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