Sunday, March 26, 2017

Do the thing, win the points.

You know when you go to do a thing (anything) and then you get up and do something else necessary (thing two) instead, and about a half hour later you remember that you got up to do thing one in the first place? That is me today on infinite repeat.

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I'm Rory or Rorek in most places. I design, sew, and craft, primarily for my Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls. I also dabble in interior design, but I'm a little out of practice.

I post about the things I enjoy, which are sewing, photographing my dolls, designing new outfits, knitting, which I started in September of 2008, thanks to my Mom, and occasionally drawing, or painting.

I also post about Life Events and how they affect me and those that I love.

Currently I am living in DFW, Texas in the USA and working towards a degree in Theology.