Monday, March 6, 2017

Antibiotics again.

Thursday I woke up feeling more like death than usual. I'd been having some symptoms of a larger infection but I want sure what kind because my ambient pain levels make it hard to tell till an infection is BAD.

I emailed my doctor Wednesday with my concerns,  and woke Thursday and knew immediately there was no way I could focus in class or handle going to school. I don't miss class unless I'm actively in hospital or need to visit a clinic suddenly.

I wasn't able to secure a ride to the clinic but I was able to discuss with my Dr over the phone and he sent a script for an antibiotic to my preferred pharmacy (which delivers).

I have correctly predicted or self diagnosed several infections already so my Dr trusts my instincts on this. 

I have a week of antibiotics which I'm a few days into now. And Spring Break is around the corner. I see my Dr face to face tomorrow and will discuss how the Ritalin is working so if changes need to be made,  we can do that before Mom and I make our round trip to Tennessee. 

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