Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Phone, surprise bonus TV.

I accidentally stayed up all night. I accidentally slept in all morning Friday so I guess I shouldn't be terribly surprised but it's no less an unpleasant surprise.

Let's see, I've had a busy few days. Wednesday evening Mom and I went to a local Sprint store to see about a family plan for just the two of us, as the one she's been on with my eldest sister was up for renewal and said sister had expressed interest in perhaps looking at different options to save money. After waiting about an hour and hearing from a customer that they had been there for THREE hours, we made a discreet exit and I remembered and voiced to Mom, that Bestbuy has phones and can generally do plans with the big companies, and why not head there, since they were not about to close and would be more likely to have enough people to help us.

This ended up being the best option. It turned out that eldest sis was in a Sprint store elsewhere sorting out a phone and some contract details, and we were able to coordinate with her and add me to the plan. Mom put the deposit on a phone for me (my old phone is not Spring compatible, though still functional), and we ended up walking out incredibly pleased with the service, and with a coupon for a free TV (under $200). We came back next night to buy a protective case for phone (shuffling of funds made it impractical to do so at time of purchase) and had another employee help us to find a TV that fit the "free" description of the coupon. We left with a nice solid Otterbox case for my new Samsung Galaxy S7, and a 32inch Smart Samsung TV, which I set up today shortly after I woke up. Er, today being Friday, since I've not slept.

Plans for today proper (Saturday) are to meet up with eldest sis and Faythe in Carrolton for our monthly quilt block club and quick chat. After that I will be confirming some things to help a friend with the most recent Volks lottery.

I am hoping to get some sleep before we drive out to Carrolton, and I am hoping to be able to finish the computer things early on, as I am knackered.

I'm sure there is something else important to share but I can't recall what it is right now. Those of you who have had my number in the past, give me a poke, and I'll text you. Some of my contacts didn't transfer, because I didn't want to transfer all of my games (and risk using up all the shared data from the family plan) and am using my old phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) as a pocket tablet for gaming exclusively.

Oh and in setting up the new TV, I set aside the older one (still functioning quite nicely) and swapped my DVD/VHS player with Mom, since she was a bit aggravated with the programming of hers. At some point in the not too far future they will be put to use in the studio so that when inclined we can comfortably watch a movie or two together. :)

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