Monday, February 20, 2017

Everything hurts.

Hmm. I slept well the first and second night on the new med, but no sleep this night (Sunday into Monday). I asked my doctor if I needed to alter my sugar or caffeine intake because stimulant, and he said that while in general yes that would be great for my health, it would be a bad idea to do it while adjusting to a new medicine. That seems logical to me. I'm not pre-diabetic or anything, but part of how I treat my migraines is with a high-caffeine soda. I carry a bottle with me at all times with my little pillbox, and usually a bottle of water. My brother Logan generally keeps a 12 pack of my preferred soda on hand for when I'm over.

I had maybe a swallow of soda about 7pm Sunday when I woke up again.

Backtracking slightly, Saturday was a day of DOING. I had a checklist, this check list, and I kept updating it as I got things done.

1. Shift the dolls to the dining room in stages. DONE
2. Take morning meds. DONE
4. Set alarm for mid day dose Ritalin. DONE
5. Eat lunch. DONE
6. Remove anything from walls where floating shelves will go. DONE
7. Empty dresser(s). DONE
8. Shift dressers temporarily into living room. DONE
9. Sort the crap hanging on bedroom door. DONE
10. Do at least 1 FULL CHAPTER of German in stages. (did not complete)
11. Check grades. DONE
12. See if school ID is in system and if so apply for bus pass. DONE (ID still not in system)
13. Sanity break (as needed). DONE
14. Re-hang curtains that I accidentally pulled down yelling at neighbor dog. DONE
15. Get dressed. DONE
16. Hang shelves with assistance. DONE
17. Put dressers back. (DONE) Put dolls back. (This will be a multi-step process in retrospect.)
19. Take out recycling. DONE

So, all of that. Some of the dolls are still sitting in the dining room, and going back to check my list I just realized I forgot to transfer the laundry from washer to dryer. So, I've just taken care of that. I suppose I should start the next load but I'm pretty tired and sore from moving ALL of the furniture in my room around and weird contortionist bending getting the shelves screwed in properly.

Faythe and I ended up with multiple joint dislocations by the end of the day, but the shelves are up and functional and over the next several days I will re-distribute things that are stored and set up some doll staging areas I hope.

Sunday was a day of rest and recuperation. Faythe was manic and not up for socialization which I get. She was really awesome and patient with me and I'm thankful she was willing and able to help me hang the shelves. Mom scooped her early afternoon Saturday, and took her back home after church Sunday afternoon. Mom mostly hid away from us while we did things because it can be overwhelming when we get together. No malice, it's just two bi-polar people with common interests can be incredibly.. powerful as an experience.

So Saturday was moving furniture and cleaning up to prepare and then getting four floating shelves done, remembering to eat, remembering to medicate, etc. Sunday I was up early because I take my medicine at 5:30am, so that I am medicated for school, and my instructions were very clear to make it a daily routine because it would be more effective if I did so. So up early, had a snack. Mom and Faythe were up an hour or two later and we had a nice breakfast then. I had backpain and resurgent migraine issues so at around noon I made apologies and laid down on an icepack in the dark. I slept till about 7pm. That seems to be roughly when the medicine begins to wear off, and so I've been in my more standard pain fog since waking.

In 20 minutes now I'll take my first dose of medicine for the day, and then have a large snack a half hour later. Today my plans are roughly to get some school work done, catch up on laundry, take frequent breaks, manage pain, and go to a concert (for a school assignment but also to enjoy) with Mom this evening. It's going to be a very long day so I'm hopeful that I can get a cat nap in the afternoon before the concert. No longer than like 3 hours.

This is roughly how my room looks now:

Not pictured, my blackout curtains, or my TV/makeshift desk area.

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