Saturday, February 18, 2017

First dose effects.

My new medicine arrived approximately 3:30pm. I took it immediately, and made note that I'm supposed to take it a half hour before food and putzed around on my phone for a half hour. Then I had a serving of hummus and 6 grain crackers.

About 5pm, I started to feel different. I described it via text to a friend like this:

"I think the Ritalin is making me more chatty. (We'd been back and forth for few hours intermittently but my input spiked about 5pm)

It sort of feels like... controlled mania? Less impulse, more drive?

It's kind of an alien feeling. Being able to focus on more than one thought without feeling like I'm running down a trail taking every fork.

My anxiety is a bit spiked because I have literally never felt this way on my life so = scary, but I'm oddly calm at the same time?"

By that last text it was close to 6pm. I had in the period from 4-6pm done this, much of it simultaneously:

Picked a doll to take to the PieFive Meetup. Changed his clothes, changed his eyes, changed his wig. Made a short shopping list. Taken measurements for the floating shelves to be picked up at Ikea. Responded to some comments on Ravelry, responded to 3 other people via text. Restrung the arms on chosen doll, changing the hands which I noticed had some dye transfer from awhile back. Got dressed. Drank a bottle of water. Prepped the last of morning doses for this week with my morning doses of Ritalin, and put my school doses for the week in my carry with pill box. Checked Facebook, actually posted replies on Facebook, posted an actual status message.

That is more productivity in two short hours than I have had since my last big manic swing and none of it was self destructive.

I went on to power through a Meetup with Mom and local doll folks, a trip to Ikea for the floating shelves, arranging for Faythe to come over to help me hang the shelves, and actually taking photos and interacting socially at the Meetup.

I am utterly exhausted as I HAVE BEEN, but I managed to do what has been WEEKS worth of things in 2 hours at home and 3 out and about. That is beyond huge.

Now I hope beyond hope to sleep like the dead until morning. Tomorrow  (Saturday) I have lots of prep to do before those shelves can go up AND school work. Sunday will be set aside exclusively for rest. 

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