Tuesday, February 21, 2017

No unsolicited medical advice.

Well I just posted this on facebook:

"It's time for another Rory PSA apparently.

Anyone who has known me longer than a year and has been in contact knows I have a laundry list of medical conditions. I don't really discuss them in detail publicly if I can avoid it.

The main reason being that I am inundated with unsolicited medical advice EVERY SINGLE TIME, the other reason being that seriously it's no one's business unless I choose to make it so. So, if I am posting something like say that a side effect of a new medication is unexpected or unpleasant that is not an invitation to tell me via private message OR publicly that I wouldn't be sick if I didn't take that "poison".

Are you my doctor? Are you any of the specialists I've seen over the last 6 years ruling things out and trying to find a medication balance? No? Then stop where you are and cease typing your essay on the evils of Big Pharma.

It is not welcome, I WILL delete it, and I WILL be offended.

The only circumstance in which advice is welcome is a post specifically asking for thoughts, comparison to your own circumstance, and experiences. I do write posts like that, and they can not be mistaken for anything else.

If you choose not to read this fine, but you don't get to be surprised or upset when you get deleted comments."

I posted yesterday something expressing dismay about an unexpected side effect of a new medication and deleted no less than 3 comments telling me what I should be doing instead of seeing my doctor and taking my carefully picked medications.

I saw red and decided to sleep on it before I posted. There have been private messages in the last month that have said outright that all of my illness is in my head. So, well thanks for helping me clear out my friends list I guess.

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