Monday, January 30, 2017

A flurry of activity.

I tried casting on Link's stocking hat from some yarn I had set aside for exactly that, and after 14 rows frogged it. I didn't like the yarn for this once it knit up. I didn't like the increase the pattern used.

So, I decided to shift things around so I could access the yarn stored under my bed. This turned into a 3 hour SORT ALL THE THINGS but I must say I feel incredibly satisfied at the end.

I reorganized both the under bed storage and the bookshelf. I sorted through most of my school work and paperwork from last school year and what I have for this one. I dug out two Halloween candy bowls worth of yarn to play with. One bowl is labelled skeins and one is remnant balls.

I also dug out Epona, who has been sitting in her box on the bookshelf. At some point after spring break she will be carefully disassembled, washed gently but thoroughly, and maybe given blushing and/or painting.

While I was under the bed I pulled out some fabric to make Link some trousers, and tucked that into my sewing box.

The folding table that I use as a desk is covered but organized. In a moment I'll decide where to put Epona, the yarn, my home school work, and then I may organize something else.

All week I've been depressed to the point of completely apathetic but my frustration with knowing what I wanted to do for the hat put enough of a crack on it that I made myself start digging out yarn. Doing that gave me drive to sort out some odds and ends the had gotten beneath the bed. Then I starting just putting things away.

Mom has been tackling boxes on the living room over the weekend and it resulted in a clearer happier living room and a crabby Rory because Mom had legitimately useful things for me and every time I turned around having cleared my makeshift desk there was something new to put away.

I did find the words to ask her to please not just put it on my bed or on the school space I'd made, and it all smoothed out quickly. Now I have borderline ambition, and I will finally give myself the haircut I desperately need, and hopefully be able to sleep WELL.

I've been in truly awful headspace for at least a week and this feels like a bit of relief, hopefully not intermittent.

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