Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Still alive I guess.

It's taken me longer than usual to get things synced up with the new phone.

Thanks to Mom and eldest sis, I have a fully functional phone again, through Sprint on the family plan that eldest sister already has in place. I've been slowly shifting information and contacts from my wifi only phone to my new phone.

In addition to new phone I also received a free with coupon Samsung smart TV, because we purchased through BestBuy. I set that up and have set aside my older perfectly good TV to set up for movies in the studio for Mom and me.

I'm struggling with what feels like a nonstop migraine loop which is less intensely painful than the 9 month one but I think it's  close to 2 full months now, so there's that.

I'm also struggling to keep up with my online coursework. I'm so behind. :( This migraine is not making that easier.

I'm otherwise well I guess. 

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