Wednesday, January 18, 2017

First Day(s) of Spring Semester 2017

First day of school was long. I had my regular visit with my Doctor first as that just happened to be the day we had scheduled it. My blood pressure was high (usually this is not a problem for me) and between weather blowing in, and stress over school I triggered a migraine first thing in the morning.

Because I am me, I had my medication with me and took it as soon as the car stopped moving in the college parking lot. My hands shake quite a bit sometimes and I didn't want to throw pills all over the truck.

I was able to pick up my schoolbooks but one was listed as back-ordered (which I found out is not the case) and one it turns out the teacher doesn't use. So, first thing tomorrow after squeezing in for Math testing, I will be exchanging that book for the one I need (which IS in stock) and canceling the order for the one that is listed as back-ordered, as well as picking up a pack of scantrons for Geology labs.

Oh and after school I went with Mom to Knit Night in Grand Prairie for the first time since Thanksgiving-ish. I got to see people I've missed but the trip all the way out to Arlington from Garland and back is exhausting when compounded with everything else of the day, and I'm not even the driver. :P 

Today I have dedicated to trying to get my online classes appropriately started, saved the syllabus for each, looked at scheduling etc.

I got the Music access key in easily and set that up. It looks like I am required to attend a classical music concert and write a paper about it for this course in order to pass. I wish I had known that, as I don't really have the financial flexibility to buy concert tickets. Ugh. I'll work something out of course.

I went to register my key with the course for German and found that the key from my brand new shrink-wrapped book had an error of "already been used" much to my horror. I sent an e-mail off to the book company as instructed in the setup instructions that come with the key, and took a nap because I was just DONE. When I woke I saw a response and sent off pictures of my receipt, my name, name of college, photo of the key card etc., so that they could verify my purchase.

A MIRACLE OCCURS! As I was writing this, I got the response from the book company and they have confirmed my purchase and sent me a new access key. Blessedly, I was able to get it resolved with the book company in less than an hour from their original reply.

So, now I'm going to get that set up, tackle today's German activity and figure out what I want to eat in short order.

Today has been almost as exhausting as yesterday but once things are set up, they are done, and it's just a matter of keeping up with course work so at least at this point all I need to do is school work.

ETA: My German textbook is the wrong damned edition. I've opened the book and redeemed the key and it's not compatible with the course. ALSO, the course is not free form as original described and I have a strict schedule to follow with no resource with which to do so. *high pitched screaming*

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