Saturday, January 21, 2017

Inexpensive Retail Therapy

Mom and I needed some out and abouting, so we went to two of the Daiso (Japanese dollar stores) in the area and found some nice goodies.

Mom picked up some chairs and benches for the yo-scaled dolls, and some tiny little dog statuettes suited more for Pukifee. She got some other bits and bobs but we had specifically gone out to get two more of a kind of doll scaled chair we found there several weeks back, and we had good luck.

I got this:

First a sketch pad with ladybugs on the front, 100 pages. Also two different paperboard boxes for doll accessory storage, one with a London theme, and one with nesting dolls and little flowers on the lid. There is a yellow mid-century style chair, a realistic fake plant, tiny paperboard chest of drawers (also elephant themed), and a waterproof elephant themed tote. At checkout I got some Hello Panda snacks and on the way home a large box of cheese crackers.

I like these cardboard boxes for doll clothes and shoes etc. They are relatively sturdy and much prettier than a bunch of plastic bins. Eventually I would like to get some floating shelves to put the dolls on stands, and I would put the decorative boxes on top of the dresser where the dolls have been sitting since I got the dresser.

I love going into Daiso. I always find something neat and everything I got today was $1.50 or less, except for the cheese crackers which I bought at Kroger on the way home.

All in all I think it was quite a pleasant day out. I really needed the getting out of the house NOT FOR SCHOOL, and Mom was looking in particular for two more of the chairs (which we found) for a table set she pieced together last time we went to Daiso, scaled to the Yo-sd crowd.

The rest of my weekend and Monday will be dedicated to plugging along in my online coursework, and Tuesday and Thursday are on campus school days. This was a really nice sanity break, and all told I spent less than $20 at Daiso (combined from both stores), so it didn't break the bank either.

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