Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Terrible Migraine

Yesterday I woke about 9am from a strange anxiety dream in which I could not find a clean or undamaged restroom. The thing that actually woke me was a background conversation in the dream where one party casually said to another that my struggle to find a clean and serviceable restroom reminded them to never trust a restroom in your dreams. I was up and stumbling down the hall before I was even half conscious.

After a moment I realized I was in massive blinding pain as consciousness set in, and I found myself in the dark restroom lit by only a night light, which felt insanely bright. I could also hear the fan ticking in the next room, dogs barking, and someone doing yard work a couple of houses away. Generally with the restroom door closed I might hear the fan if the house is completely empty, but not the rest of it.

I realized to my horror that I had a migraine about as intense as the one that lasted 9 months and had me wishing for a swift death. I took my medication, stumbled around in the kitchen and made instant mashed potatoes and lay down with an ice pack over my eyes. I was awake for about two hours as I carefully ate, took meds and vitamins and tried to gauge my trigger(s) for this awful thing.

I woke a little after 5pm still in agony. I got absolutely nothing done for school or online courses. If it had been today there would be more swearing. There was no way to push through that monster. It's still lingering but I medicated first thing this morning and and did as much preparatory self care as possible.

I have class at 12:30 which goes to lab straight after and I should be done by 5pm. Unless I hear from Logan, my plan is to bus home and go straight to bed.

I'm behind on my online coursework so yesterday is frustrating but there is nothing for it. Tomorrow I'll do my best to catch up but I suspect one of my triggers was sitting at the computer with the headset on grinding through school work for about 5 hours without a proper break. There is so much work to do that it takes that kind of grinding.

This does not bode well for my online courses. No more online courses.

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