Thursday, October 6, 2016

What I've been up to.

Well I posted a bunch for a little while there. e_e;; I hate how sporadic my posts get as I heal up from "being sick" whatever the circumstances. It makes it hard to remember what happened in that time, which is part of why I keep a journal online, and I lose track of time and don't know when I am.

I've been continuing to heal up from passing the kidney stone. My body is resistant to my returning consistently to solid foods. I ate mostly soft things like toast, mashed potatoes, soft cheese, etc while I was passing the stone and for another week or so after, and my body keeps flipping out when I have something that actually has seasoning or substance. It's a frustrating process.

~~~~ Gaming ~~~~

I've been playing Pokemon, grinding and preparing to restart Y, as well as setting aside another living dex (every single pokemon, all the evolutions) to have ready to transfer to Moon when I get that next month.

I have also as of today, picked back up with Dragon Quest 9. I'm playing that one with my sister Faythe in co-op, but we agreed that we could level alternate jobs and do quests without each other, as long as we don't progress plot or level the main job class. So today I did some Grottos, worked on some quests, and continued to finesse my equipment for each job class.

We are both playing with a group of three, so that when we play together whoever is hosting can just open their gate and not have to put away their supporting party characters. This is the build Faythe determined, and it worked well for what I wanted so I'm also using it.

Hero = Minstrel -> Thief -> Armamentalist -> Luminary

Healer = Priest -> Mage -> Ranger -> Sage

Melee = Martial Artist -> Warrior -> Paladin -> Gladiator

I made a 4th to have for backup healing while I'm playing by myself and so far I've gone with Priest -> Minstrel for her. She is not limited to 4 total jobs for the build but I'm mainly leveling her with the others so she only changes to something else if I need a skill the others don't have, which I'm mostly covered on.

~~~~ In "What Is This Even" News ~~~~

I'm really behind in everything social. I have been checking in with facebook a couple of times a day which barely covers anything and ended up having to post a "SERIOUSLY NO DEAD ANIMALS IN MY FEED" thing because over the course of last weekend all of a sudden I was inundated with posts of seriously injured or dead cats, dogs, snakes, etc. No idea what triggered it. I blocked several people, removed several more and then posted that it was not okay to post that crap.

I've also had a problem with people posting injured children, which is WHAT worthy. I don't know what the hell is going on with people. I thought the politics crap was bad enough, but between dead and injured animals and children, and all of the clown photos from news stories I'm blocking every other thing on my feed.

For those not in the know, I am extremely scared of clowns. I don't want to know, don't want to see it, don't want to hear about it. Just NO clowns please and thank you.

~~~~ Summary ~~~~

I'm in the process of going through and trying to read back entries and catch up but my energy is still really low overall. I will try to get back online more regularly now.

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