Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Playing Pokemon and Seasonal Depression

I'm officially in bad headspace. I woke from anxiety dreams to sleep paralysis, after maybe a single hour of sleep. Fighting a migraine that's maybe 4(?) days now.

I woke up wanting to be dead. I calmed once I could move, enough that I no longer actively wish to be dead but I feel it lurking in the dark corners.

When I got up I cleaned my room, decluttering some stuff I had let pile up, and made my lunch.

I'm pretty fed up with Facebook right now. I'm not feeling Ravelry either. I barely spoke to Mom this morning. I'm not angry with her I just want to be left alone which is actually super dangerous for me.

I accidentally did a speed run of Pokemon Y. I had carefully transferred off items and banked Pokemon Thursday I think when I was spending time with my stepbrother Logan. So I restarted it, and I swear I dithered more about the trainer name than anything else. I actually texted Osaka asking what I should name my female Pokemon trainer. It might have been Friday? Anyway I got through badge one, and then got struck with a stomach bug and ground through the other badges and Elite 4 + Champion as a distraction.

I'm actually kind of annoyed because I was planning to play slow and just take my time and stretch it till closer to the Sun and Moon release date.

I'm considering replaying/restarting Black2 or White2 or both. I hate Gen 5 but I don't want to restart Silver or Gold and my GBA games are sitting in Osaka's closet with my Gameboy colors etc.

That's the substance of what I'm doing at the moment. Trying not to be suicidal and fussing about pokemon.

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