Friday, October 28, 2016

I finished a thing!

Back in August(?) I went to BJD-Con in Austin with my brother Logan, his wife, and a mutual good friend. I came back with some lovely tidbits for my dolls, in exchange for future knitting. I made a deal with a lovely vendor to make a sweater in the same style as what Owen was wearing in exchange for some shirts in SD and Yo-SD size.

I finished the knitting portion of the sweater September 18th, and it took me 10 days to knit instead of the usual two or three days. As it turns out I was sick at the time with a to be diagnosed kidney stone. It's taken from then until now for my hands to be steady enough and not swollen to stitch down the ribbon and sew on snaps. I am aghast that it has taken me so long to finish just one tiny sweater but I know it is well made, and I am hoping that makes it a bit easier for the person receiving it. I have written some care instructions in case they are used to different material clothes, and need the info.

I sent an e-mail with photos of the sweater modeled on Owen, and apologizing for the wait. I didn't give excuses, just apologized for the length of time. I know why it took so long, but I don't want the anxiety of worrying about someone believing me about WHY I couldn't do what I wanted to do for them sooner or faster. I did start on the sweater really quickly after I came back from BJD-Con but my erratic health has made knitting, sewing, crafting in general difficult.

~SIDE RANT~ I hate the anxiety I feel when people see me (I generally am assumed to be younger than I am) and tell me that I am either too young to be sick, or that if I did X (whatever X is) that it would cure my chronic nerve pain, migraines, genetic disorders, bi-polar etc. I know I don't look old enough to be sick. I'm pretty damned sure that cancer doesn't play favorites with age groups, and neither do genetic diseases. I thankfully do not have cancer but it would take several long posts to go into detail about every single health thing that I deal with regularly without the oddball things like kidney stones, or dislocating toes/fingers etc. Part of why I keep a beard is that it makes it slightly more believable that I am indeed my age. 33 is still pretty young to be chronically ill, and immune-compromised. I am well aware, and hearing it with a suspicious or surprised tone does nothing to ease my anxiety. Whether I'm "too young" or not, I have what I have, and no there is no cure. I just have to do the best I can. ~END RANT~

So basically I sent pictures and asked for her shipping address with an apology for the wait citing that it took longer to complete than anticipated. If she asks for details I will give them, but I think she would rather just have her doll sweater.

My health is the main reason I do not have an Etsy shop for what it's worth. I can't reliably depend on my health to stay stable enough to make things and ship them out promptly. The things I do make are of excellent quality in my opinion, but too often I am not well enough to make them. My hands are swollen and angry from sitting and carefully stitching the backing ribbon and sewing on the snaps. It's a simple careful thing, and the act of stitching ribbon into the sweater has my hands furious and pain shooting up my fingers into my wrists.


Today is now official Friday so this is my checking in with the general internet saying that I am doing okay. I'm physically uncomfortable, but psychologically fairly stable. Not much better than last week, but no worse. I'm hoping to be able to get laundry done today, probably a load of dishes and if I have enough spoons maybe try to cast on another sweater for keeps.

I still need to sew ribbon into, and snaps into the sweater I made about the same time as the one for the client. It's not going anywhere though so it can wait until my hands are not screaming. Knitting a new sweater is somewhat gentler on my hands than stitching the ribbon and snaps into one. I'm not feeling it right now but I might be up for it after I've slept.

I hope that everyone has a really pleasant day. :)

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