Sunday, October 30, 2016

Saturday Funday (As opposed to Sunday Funday)

Today was a mostly quiet and pleasant day. Mom and I went over to visit a friend a town over and talk dolls. I brought home a doll to restring for our friend, and got to see a beautiful Lusion doll in person. She was enormous and stunning, and I didn't dare try to lift her. I'm told she weighs about 7lbs. I took a couple of photos of her, with Ichigo for comparison.

Then Mom and I came home by way of a late lunch and stopping to vote. When I got in I sat down and my left shoulder fell out of socket, which was not ideal. I got it properly seated again, applied biofreeze, since I couldn't get an icepack to sit and wrap around my shoulder properly, and laid down carefully propping my arm up (and carefully balanced in socket) and went to sleep for awhile. I woke about 11:30pm and feeling marginally more human set about stringing the doll I'd brought back with me.

I sent a photo of him standing up and strung, and now he is sitting in a borrowed t-shirt, waiting for me to make him some quick boxer shorts. Shorts are simple and I don't mind sending him home with tidbits. If I have time I may make a simple t-shirt so that he has a basic simple outfit to sit around in until our friend has time to get him into his intended wardrobe.

I also came home with some bronze Soom fantasy parts for keeps. There are the Hati/Skoll paws, a couple of human pairs of hands, and the shield and buckler. I've asked in the local group if 5StarDoll is compatible in terms of resin match and jointing. I don't mind dying a doll to match if I need to, but I don't want to piecemeal something from the DOA marketplace at inflated prices. I only really like a handful of the Soom Teeniegem heads, so I'm looking to hybrid most likely. I don't really have the money to BUY anything right now, but looking is free, and if research tells me that Company A is compatible in jointing and makes a similar color, dying to match is a simpler process than grabbing a head, a body, and maybe some additional parts (ears and tail?) and trying to get them to all come out the same color. I'm thinking little Wolf or Cat boy or girl depending on what I hear back about compatibility.

Aside from the dislocation of my dominant arm at the shoulder (which is safely back in socket now) my day was really nice. It was warm but not dying of heat warm, and I had a really pleasant time getting to visit with Mom and our friend and talk dolls and see some of her collection. :)

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