Friday, June 24, 2016

Work in progress.

I said on facebook, but it is worth repeating, that constant re-organization is going to have to be a thing here.

We arrived a day earlier than Mom had planned for, which is good because it took that day, and the day she had hoped to rest, to get the floor finished and the bed assembled. Then I spent the night ninja-ing boxes into my new bedroom as quietly as possible so that when she woke there would be less visible evidence of a new occupant, as it is all contained now.

The next couple of weeks will be carefully sorting through what had been stored in what is now my room, but much of that really needs to be looked through by Mom so that I don't accidentally get rid of important things or treasured memories. It's fine to donate things not needed anymore but I need to make sure I'm not setting aside weddings gifts for donation, that sort of thing.

These are my current progress photos.

This is not my final form, not even close. That dresser is going to move into the closet, and I will hopefully be getting a hold of a larger dresser or wardrobe, a desk, and a side table. I am used to being wedged back behind furniture so that will not be a stressor for me. We also plan to put the bed on another stack of risers, and I would like to see about actually gluing or otherwise fusing the stacks for solidity and safety so my bed doesn't fall over in the night. End goal there is to be able to slip my sterilite containers under the bed, with room to store my yarn and some other bits and bobs as well. The doll boxes, once emptied, will probably be stored in the Garage. Most of the dolls are still IN their boxes for their safety.

The saloon style window coverings will be removed in favor of blackout/UV filtering curtains that are blue or green on my side. The ones I had, were accidentally melted in Virginia Beach because fatigue. We had washed them and threw them in the dryer and they melted. Oops! No harm no foul.

Later today I have almost no visible goals. I woke up to a dislocated arm that resisted relocation back into socket so I am short on spoons. I will be attempting to change out light bulbs for Mom in the kitchen and my bathroom, after I have eaten and the ibuprofen lowers the swelling on my left side. That arm is hanging kind of uselessly but IS back in socket. The nerve pain reached a level that my brain has set aside any sensation from there, so I have this weird dead weight thing going, with a background throbbing and awareness that there is pain but I don't FEEL it per se.

All those cans are food storage, at LEAST a years supply of dried goods for 2 1/2-ish people. There is more that is currently sitting in the living room, but there is no more room at the inn Mary. Some of the older stuff, Mom has given to a friend with animals. Still technically good for human consumption, so definitely won't harm the chickens (or goats, etc), but again, no room at the inn, so we picked a date, and anything older than that was loaded into the Tardis(Mom's truck) and Mom dropped that off with the friend after work last night.

I have been heat sick every day that I've been in Texas, and a couple of days on the road. Summer is not an ideal time to move to Texas. The house thermostat batteries died while Mom was with me, and Faythe didn't know what to check for, so she soldiered through as the temp rose into the 80's and 90's indoors and just kept working. She sprained her ankle at some point before we arrived which slowed down (but did not stop) her re-flooring of the bedroom. I lent her one of my ankle braces to hopefully expedite healing.

I have internet, my laptop, my dolls, and my clothes. Much of my things were left safely with Osaka, who Mom and I will go back out to see, in the spring, and retrieve the last of what would not fit into the truck. I think Osaka also plans to mail some of the smaller boxes or break down some of the larger boxes as she can, and that will also help. :) I have downloaded a WiFi-based free texting app, so if you need my number email me or hit me up on facebook. This is probably a temp number, but it's better than none at all.

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