Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hello Mania, go away please.

It seems that packing and being actively on the move (lengthening the time of the move if not necessarily the bad stress) has been enough of a game changer to help trigger Mania. I am in the SUPER ANXIETY + FAST TALKING/CAN'T STOP TALKING stage, and will be vibrating and nonverbal either by the end of the day, or Monday, depending on factors currently up in the air.

I have checked in with the Bi-polar support group on Ravelry, and with Osaka, and asked her how SHE communicates with me when I get too far gone, so I can pass that on to Mom and others as necessary, but I am seeing a pillow fort and lots of books or quiet gaming in my near future since there is only so much that I can do, having unpacked and organized all that I brought with me. I may rearrange the furniture in MY room a few times.

Mom may have found a dresser for me, free from a friend, and between that and the little one here (which I may strip and refinish, put that energy to good work) I should have enough storage for my clothes. I still need a desk, and a smallish table (to put the dolls and their stuff on), and that's about all I can fit in here I think.

I should have known that I was coming into mania because I've had all these creative ideas and SO MUCH DRIVE, that no one can keep up with my thoughts or actions. Ugh. There's creative, and then there's CRAZY, (and also crazy creative), and finding the balance is hard.

I may post a TON online for awhile to save Mom and others from my crazy, or I may withdraw into video games for awhile. I don't know. Whatever is going to upset others the least, and keep me safe.

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