Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Getting Settled in Texas.

Mom and I arrived safely yesterday afternoon and made relatively short work of unloading The Tardis (Mom's truck), with Faythe's assistance. Then we dug the mattress out of the garage, did a little bit of team effort work in the bedroom and eventually slept.

While Mom was taking the scenic route back to Texas with me, the batteries in her thermostat fried so we came home to the house in either high 80's or low 90's Fahrenheit. I can't recall exact temp, but after trying to cool down I determined that I was melting. It finally cooled enough for sleep about 5am. I need a temp of roughly 69F for optimal comfort. Dipping into the lower 60's puts Mom (and me) at risk for bronchitis and pneumonia respectively. Anything higher than 75F makes me heat sick very quickly.

I was delirious with migraine and heat sickness both today. I've drank and sweat gallons of water, no exaggerations. I can clearly remember waking up, and going to Home Depot, then Lowe's for more metal shelving and fan pulls. Then I was sick.

I don't remember much clearly until a loud sound woke me. Head pounding, sweating, pale and red in the face. It turned out to be Mom and Faythe team working on the shelving unit. I ate something, I think a ham sandwich, and did my migraine food thing (something salty, something sweet, little bit of caffeine, generally in Mountain Dew form), with plenty of water.

I recovered enough to help out in the bedroom. The flooring has been all Faythe so far and is a bit over half done, which us especially impressive without functional air conditioning and a sprained (?) ankle. We got the food storage shelves nearly full, got loopy from fatigue, and ended for the night. I believe priority tomorrow is to finish the floor, cram more food on the shelves (dry goods), and find the bed frame in the garage and assemble it.

Bonus points if we can find a home for the legitimately EXTRA dried goods to get them out and to anyone that could use them.

I took some photos of what the room looks like in progress.

That's pretty much what we have right now. Dolls are in boxes, and suitcases are in the closet but we need to finish consolidation of those boxes (that's all food, not my stuff), and get the floor finished so we can put the bed together and move my stuff in from the living and dining rooms. :)

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