Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ro was 10 on August 29th 2015.

I have excuses, lots of them in fact but we won't go into them. A ten year anniversary is a big deal. Osaka was kind enough to get Ro painted up for me beautifully for me shortly after I got his whiteskin Bluefairy body in residence and then I got his eyes and he sat waiting patiently as I determined that most of his clothes don't quite fit the way they did on the dream of doll body. They didn't fit the Dollmore body either, but I was expecting them to fit the Bluefairy body well, since Ed wears some of the stuff well.

Basically I need to make Ro an entirely new wardrobe and see what can be altered to suit. He's still Ro, and still beautiful and still mine and I will never ever get rid of him. He was my first doll, and he was perfect out of the box, and it's not his fault I mucked it all up.

Anyway he's whole again, on a new body, with beautiful hands that poses a bit better than the old one, is slightly more mature looking, and he still is just my beautiful boy.

For contrast, grainy webcam day of arrival photo(s) from August 29th 2005:

In contrast we both look rather different now ten and almost a half years later.

Ro is always going to be my special boy. All of my dolls are special, but he was the first of many and the unruinable, though it took years for the poison and drama associated with THAT person to fade enough for me to be able to touch him again. I still can't touch Christopher Owen much, and most of the ones I had have sold or been traded away, that she touched. Of that group, remaining I have Ro, Ichigo, Christopher Owen and Émile. Ichigo and I have had bonding issues of our own but come through it. Ro was in a box for awhile and it wasn't until I sold that Dollmore body that I was able to properly re-connect with him. Now I just need to figure out how to cleanse the drama from Émile and Christopher Owen because I refuse to let either of them go.

This post isn't about her though. This is about Ro. Here are some of my favorite photos of him over the years!

Edited to add that Osaka pointed out that I still have Elli, which I did not list as one of the remaining dolls I owned during the era of doll drama. I didn't mention him mostly because I did not let her touch Elli. Even drugged up on Zoloft and made into a yes-zombie who agreed to almost anything I wouldn't let her NEAR Elli. He was far too special and far too irreplaceable. His 10 year anniversary is next year.

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