Sunday, January 3, 2016

A rant.

Stuff your face with delicious high calorie foods and don't you dare hold back because everyone worked really hard making those sweets and savories! Okay now it's January and you are FAT. Doesn't matter if you actually held back and haven't gained an ounce. We the media are telling you, you are FAT. Buy these diet pills, join a gym, for the love of all that's holy please do not consult your doctor or be responsible, and go buy a track suit and running shoes.

Okay how about those of us that try to manage our weight and food and calorie intake and balance our exercise year round? Nope? Still gonna target me because my medical conditions make me appear much fatter than I actually am? Thanks for that.

For what it is worth I walk or bus everywhere. My thighs are pretty solid muscle. My arms and core muscles have weakened over the year as I've been in and out of the hospital but pre-June, I was fairly fit under my chub.

I have a baby face. Look at this face (Dec 31st 2015). Is it soft? Yes. Is it FAT? No. Look at the neck.

Am I chubby? Yes I am. Do I carry extra weight, yes I do. Much of it requires surgical removal. I have lost most of what I can with careful diet, exercise, and medication as appropriate for my medical diagnosis.

I am so bloody sick of American advertising. I know it's not likely to be different anywhere else. I'm just so burnt out on it. I'm ready to throw myself back into my studies and resurface back into reality in a few years and see what I have missed or (not) missed.

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