Monday, January 18, 2016

I have a kidney stone.

So. I have been in unspeakable pain for about two weeks in varying degrees mostly in my back and joints. I finally broke down and looked up the symptoms and it looked like it was an autoimmune response (which is within the realm of possibility) for an infection, and given the pain, that it was PROBABLY a kidney infection. So I agreed with Osaka last night that I would go to the ER today. I didn't want to, but I agreed to go.

And so I got up, got dressed, texted a friend who offered yesterday (and has been telling me for a week that I look sick and should go to the doctor) that I was ready to go to the ER. She dropped me off, because she had a sick wife at home who needed tending to, and I went in, described my symptoms, was weighed and I've lost 25 pounds since November somehow. Which, is alarming. I do need to lose some weight but this is not the way to do it.

Anyway they freaked out that my blood pressure was normal but my heart rate was about 97bpm. Then after a very short while I was taken to a room, asked to strip (except for my underpants) and put on a medical gown and a nurse would be in to see my shortly.

They took urine and blood, did a CT scan, did a thorough physical exam of my back where it's stiff and swollen, and the CT scan revealed a single small kidney stone and massive swelling and strained muscles on my left side surrounding the kidney. The doctor thought that I had probably twisted my back at some point as an active talker and simply not realized it until later, potentially further injuring it at work lifting heavy items as a cashier.

Before the doctor came back with the results he sent the nurse in with a bag of IV saline and a syringe of morphine much to my confusion. I did not ask for pain relief at all. I was asked consistently where my pain was at, and I was honest, but I never asked for anything for it. I think that he ordered that morphine when he saw the results of the CT scan. Unfortunately I wasn't expecting a painkiller and nearly got violently ill as I was asking what the medication was as the nurse put it in my IV. She did get me zophran after doctor approval, and seeing the color drain from my face and my hand clamp over my mouth vice tight. I tend to have a violent nauseous reaction to the stronger pain medications.

It's really going to suck when I pass this kidney stone. I need to go and see Dr Chou for a follow up and ask him about a script for something to have on hand for WHEN that happens and also ask if there are any dietary changes I need to make to make the process easier other than DRINK ALL THE WATER.

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