Saturday, August 9, 2014

Apollo's Dragon Hoodie

I made this hoodie for Apollo a long time ago. It's fully reversible and ended up being a bit too snug after I got it all together. It was more that the neck hole was too small. So I set it aside because I was too angry at it to work on it. Then I became unemployed and I've done little sewing here, and doll stuff there, and I finally got a point that I could work on it again. I found a website where I could order a custom reversible zipper, and FINALLY finished Apollo's Dragon/Dino hoodie.

Ironically I finished it on a ridiculously hot day with the air conditioning broken. It is seriously about 80 degrees inside so if Apollo looks a bit put out, that's why. It's WAY too hot for a hoodie, let alone a dual-layered reversible hoodie.

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