Friday, December 17, 2010

My creative juices are flowing! ..despite the persistent fever.

Okay, I'm right at 17 weeks on Testosterone, I think, going on my last entry, which puts me at 4 months or so.

I've failed to keep a great account of week to week, since I lost my internet access awhile back. That won't be a problem now, though, cause we have internet! Like, actual internet, not a pirated signal.

Osaka set it up earlier in the week and the service kicked in today. :] I'm beyond thrilled. It will probably take me several weeks to get back into the swing of being social online.

My anxiety has been alot better. I still can get antsy around the time of my shot (and did this week) but not anywhere near as frequently.

Also I've been fighting a fever + infection for like a week and a half now. The fever waxes and wanes in intensity. My doctor initially thought strep, but that came up negative. I was apprehensive anyway since I know I've been exposed to strep dozens of times but I've never contracted it.

So I went back to my clinic to get the results of the tests, as they also checked my thyroid levels to see if maybe my dosage was too high at this point. My levels are right where they should be with my medicine, and so I got refills on that, and a prescription for azithromycin to clear up whatever infection I'm fighting, since if it was going to go away on its own, it would have by now. Incidentally, the first time in my life, I've EVER taken an antibiotic, to my knowledge.

I'm also knitting again (ABRUPT change of subject is ABRUPT). I've started a sweater for Starshine. :] It's brown with bits of his signature blue striped in it. I'm not working from any particular pattern. I'm kind of inventing as I go, and so far I like what I have.

Oh and I bought myself a sewing machine last month. It is my first sewing machine that is fully functional. I did buy an antique singer some time ago, that is non-functional, with dreams of getting it repaired, and I still have it, because it is pretty and someday I want to get it working again. So, I've been somewhat busy while I've been offline.

I got the Head Cashier position and have been doing very well with that. I get along well with 99% of my co-workers, which is nice. The one person I really have issue with, will be gone in a week anyway, so I'm just thrilled.

I've been playing alot of Guitar Hero, and aside from that, mainly just going to work and back. I've missed the internet, and I'm just SO happy to have it again. :]

I hope everyone is doing well, and if I've missed anything in the last several months please do fill me in.

And, just cause I've not posted photos in a bit:


  1. I've been biting my tongue for days and days, but I just have to post it here. That fever: maybe it's testosterone poisoning? Do you have the urge to drive really fast and squeal the tires and cut in front of people? (Love you!)

  2. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Make sure you take ALL of yor antibiotic. Don't just stop because you may be feeling better.

  3. Oh don't worry, my doctor (and others) have already counseled me to take the full dose. I have two days of it left, and I'll take it until it's gone.


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