Friday, December 24, 2010


Hmmn, I think I need to update my icons for LJ. I don't have many, and most of them are outdated. e_e;;

I've fallen hard for Iplehouse dolls. I have plans for several but just haven't succumbed.. until now. I ordered their new tiny, Byuri, in real skin. He's beautiful. He'll be my first Iplehouse doll, and my first tan doll. I've ordered him with makeup and this outfit (everything but the shoes, including that wig):

He should look almost exactly as in the above picture, but I'm giving him pale grey eyes instead.

And I've also ordered this hat, because it is precious, and I love it.

I'm doing it as a short layaway. I placed the order and sent half the payment today, and I'll finish paying him off on January 7th when I get paid again.

He's pretty much my Christmas present to myself. I was really nervous about ordering because I haven't ordered from Iplehouse before, but I get nervous like that every time I buy a doll. I've heard nothing but love from my friends and family who have Iplehouse dolls, and I WANT MORE.

I fully intend to order an SID Storm at some point in 2011, probably in mid-late summer, to be Marek, Robbie's partner. And I do want a JID Ryan eventually, in real skin.

I really love Iplehouse, and the realistic sculpts they make. I know Byuri may look a little strange next to my more stylized sculpts, but I'm excited none-the-less.

Currently he's nameless, but I'm considering naming him Ezekial (Zeke for short), or Samson. Nothing is set but I want him to have a very grown up sort of name, which is kind of a theme for me I guess.

Doll news aside, there isn't a ton going on. Osaka, Pherret, and Ringo have gone home to Tennessee and Kentucky to spend Christmas with their families. I've stayed here, with one of the dogs, since I didn't ask off for Christmas. Maybe I will next year.

It's going to be a quiet Christmas I think. I'll call my family when they're all together, and chat a bit, and then I'll spend the day with a co-worker who's invited me over for Christmas day. It should be nice. :]

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  1. His eyes remind me of Secondborn’s, when she was little. And I have fallen in love with Naia. *This is your fault!*


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