Friday, November 12, 2010

I love spending my days with my BFF.

So today has been a nice day. I went to IHOP for lunch with Osaka and Ringo, then over to Michaels, and poked around in the mall too. I got some new anti-bacterial lotion to keep on hand at work, from Bath and Body Works, my classic Vanilla bean, and a Peppermint candy scented one too.

It's been a pretty mellow day, seriously for the first time in a very long time. Right now I'm sitting quietly in a book store, enjoying a caramel macchiato, and the company of my best friend. I wish I had more days that were like this.

So much of the time it's constant something from the moment I wake up, to the time I finally go to sleep. Other days it's nothing and I'm frantic to do something. Today has been a nice slow marginally productive day, and exactly what I've needed.

I've enjoyed the shopping. I picked up a book on Knitting for Men, mainly for the patterns. I was reading excerpts earlier to Osaka, mainly regarding female reactions to men reacting to knitwear made for them. I also picked up a collection of Sherlock Holmes Cinema, 8 films, and 35 episodes of an American series, for about $7. Also a copy of the original film The Producers, not the musical film based on the musical based on the film. XD

I've also picked up some tiny ceramic mugs about the right size for a large SD latte mug. I got a cat for Marek, and a Penguin for Robbie. Christian (Osaka's Link boy) got a gingerbread man mug.

I enjoy finding stuff like that, and I love that my best friend enjoys the finds too. It's nice having so many overlapping interests and hobbies, and I'm glad that we're still quite good friends, even after the weird stuff we've been through over the last nearly 5 years.

She and her husband took me in when things fell apart with Nick, and it has made our friendship stronger, really tried it at times, and proven its strength. When I get really anxious, I worry about that, but no matter what drama is or is not playing out, they continue to be good, and gracious friends.

I'm just being sentimental I guess, but I feel that I must voice my appreciation from time to time. Today has been such a nice day, it only seems right to voice it now. :]

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  1. Mugs? Penguins? Any sheep????? Heading over to Neko's to meet the new resin kid after work, woohoo, then cheesecake and good conversation w/ Brother Sushi.


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