Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vests, vests, everywhere!

I've been busily cranking out sweatervests since I got the pattern sorted out. I've made a brown one for Ichigo that I eventually want to add sleeves to, a rainbow one for Jessie, and a blue one that ended up a bit short for Chris. I've also made another from that gorgeous pink brown and white yarn, for Chris, which is blocking right now. Pics below.


When the last vest is dry, I will take photos of Ichigo and Chris together wearing their matching vests.

And in yarn news, Amy, who let me dye that awesome yarn, gave it to me to keep at Tuesday's Knit Night. I was totally floored, and I love it. Thank you Amy! And last night Monica gave me some yarn too, in some quite lovely colors. I'm looking forward to playing with them. :] No pics of those bits until I've knit with them. ;D


  1. Just *look* at those beautiful, even, tiny stitches! I knew you could do it!

  2. Those are cool! I bet you could sell doll sweaters for a pretty penny.


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