Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Times

So, having never seriously injured anything like this before, I didn't know that I'm supposed to keep my foot wrapped when I'm icing it. Or that I'm supposed to be icing it about every other hour at least. Or, that really the only time it shouldn't be iced, elevated and wrapped, is when I'm showering.

Healing, you're doing it wrong. :P

My foot is a bruised puffy mess. I have blood pooled bruising at my heel, and at my toes. I've been properly elevating, wrapping, and icing my foot since this morning when Jenni told me what I was supposed to be doing. A day and a half late but seriously I had no idea. @_@

This sucks. I woke up in my middle of the night with my foot swollen painfully and re-wrapped it, without realizing if I do that every time, it will just swell bigger. :P At least I've been able to take ibuprofen since Jenni came back. She took the small amount we had with her, when she and Ash went to church camp.

I spent most of this morning and early afternoon, sitting on the sofa with my leg up and iced, playing Wii. First Guitar Hero, and then Wii sports. :P I played baseball since I can do that sitting down more easily than any of the other sports. It was fun. Now I want to play Sims but I'm not sure how well that will go. e_e

Tomorrow is the family get together, which should be nice. It was supposed to be a picnic/dinner thing, but I suspect it will end up a hanging out thing with Wii, or Cranium or something. Ah well, at least I'll get to see everyone, one last time before I go.

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