Thursday, December 15, 2016

I slept a few hours and dreamt of Gods and Dragons.

I wasn't able to get any sleep before my doctor's appointment but it went okay. I calmed down enough (reading over at Archive of Our Own) that I was able to mostly articulate clearly from what Mom said. I have little memory of it. The appointment was 8am.

We discussed my head trauma (I seem to be fine at this point), my persistent and aggressive migraines, my Reynauds-like symptoms, and potential treatment for all of the above.

Dr M has tentatively doubled my dose of imitrex. Our thoughts are take a full dose at onset, take a half-dose if I need more. This would not only stretch out my medication, but it should hopefully kill this month long migraine. It has a better chance of it than what I'm doing now which is taking the bare minimum of medication every 3 days or so to take the edge off. I had to make my meds stretch, so basically I couldn't properly dose, or I'd be out in less than a week.

I also know in theory what needs to be done at school. I will have to go up to campus very soon and plug through talking to financial aid, reassessing with an advisor, tweaking schedule, and talking with financial aid again to confirm that it will work. This is a huge headache even without the stupid migraine. It's necessary though, so it will be done.

I'm doing to be flipping exhausted by the start of school in January if I'm scrambling like this the whole stupid time.

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