Sunday, December 11, 2016

I accidentally gave myself a concussion today.

I had migraine going, and ducked my head into the fridge to grab something (I think a soda, needed caffeine), and cracked my head audibly on the freezer door when I stood up, thinking I was clear. I stood there a second just internally screaming in pain and then felt violently sick.

I ended up sitting down but upright and my sister Faythe who has been over for the weekend fetched me an icepack, my nausea meds, and some ibuprofen to get the knot that was forming to hopefully settle down.

Seeing stars when you already have a migraine sucks. Not being able to go to sleep while having a migraine also sucks. I’m waiting for my pupils to return to normal and my symptoms to lessen before I even consider sleep. Right now I’ve got the ice pack again and am poking at the internet and gaming stuff in low light but with my contacts in so I remember that I can’t go to sleep yet.

Also, I did get my school schedule sorted out I think. The times are a little weird but coordinating my schedule was challenging since as a transfer student I can't set it up myself the first time.

Also apparently I need to re-apply for FAFSA because I wasn't able to attend the school this Fall, so it zeroed out or something. In theory it's an easy fix. I WILL get it sorted, and I WILL be attending school this Spring damnit.

So, I guess I will go fight with the FAFSA website now, and go ahead and set up my 2017-2018 FAFSA as well while I'm at it.

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