Monday, December 26, 2016

First Christmas in Texas in over a decade?

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, for those who celebrate it, and a nice break in general for everyone.

Mine was blessedly drama-free. I was a little nervous after Thanksgiving ending in tears but Christmas was fine. The only hangup was when Mom and I attempted to make scratch queso-dip and botched it. Christmas dinner was TexMex, and we ended up bringing ginger cookies since the queso was a fail.

Mom and I stayed up Christmas Eve and opened our gifts just after midnight. Logan gave me some cute/fun pokemon themed gifts, and Mom gave me chocolate and a cute gnome she made.

I just realized this afternoon that this is the first Christmas since I received my first Lego set when I was 10, that I have not gotten Legos for Christmas at all. I wasn't expecting gifts at all, but in retrospect it's a weird place of disappointment. I don't feel like I should be upset, because I wasn't expecting anything, but it also doesn't feel like Christmas (or birthday) without Legos. I might have to poke around and see if I can find an inexpensive set that I like. This quiet down-time is usually spent building or playing with my new Lego set or sets so I feel kind of at odds.

I couldn't sleep Christmas Eve (stress?) so as soon as we got home from Fort Worth I took my evening meds and went straight to bed. I slept I think 12 hours and spent a little time reading a webcomic Faythe was telling me about, and then decided to check in online.

Anyway, Mom's cooking up dinner and I feel like being companionable, so I'm gonna go see what help I can be.

I hope that everyone had a pleasant and drama-free day of it.

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