Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This is why I don't drink much.

So my actual birthday was pretty nice. :] Or at least, what I can remember. I woke up LATE (like noon) then spent the afternoon paying bills and running errands, which was necessary. Osaka was a great sport running around with me. Ringo was a bit of a pain, but he did eventually get himself together.

And then in the evening I went out with several of my co-workers to Ambush (our semi-regular bar) and then after that we went to a place called Scandals. I remember leaving Ambush after paying my tab. I remember arriving at Scandals and hearing an AMAZING live band. I remember snippets of interaction with some friendly strangers who bought some birthday shots, but after that I was just suddenly aware of being home and in the shower.

I don't drink often, or heavily, and while I know I had fun, I wish I could remember more of it, and I think I will not be drinking like that next birthday (or ever again). I generally have one or two, and done, when I do indulge.

I took my camera and K, took a photo of us. :]

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  1. I had one evening, like that, back in my pre-religious days. I could hear somebody chewing cornflakes across the [huge] dorm dining room the next morning. Not a happy memory. Especially the part where my tuba-playing friends greeted me as I walked onto the field before the band practice (my one and only foray into drill team). Always a good idea to remember if one must apologize, to whom, and why. Just sayin'.


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