Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eww. I like the idea of someone being into me, but not like that.

I had the weirdest/creepiest experience at work today. My voice is a bit husky right now, feels like I'm losing it, though I don't know why, and I've been a bit short of breath, so most of my conversation has been in hushed tones, soft and husky, rather than a normal speaking tone.

I had a man come in with some gold to sell. I have a buyer's license but not a jeweler's license, so I can quote which consists of testing the metal, weighing the piece(s), and quoting a price, but the final buy has to be done by someone with the correct license. Well my manager was finishing a gold buy for another customer so I started looking at the customer's pieces.

The guy is eyeing K, (pretty girl, the one from my birthday post, who is just a head) and her ring and asks if she's married. She replies in the affirmative, specifying that she is engaged, and then excuses herself to get money from the safe for the buy. He then turns to me, and asks me if I'm gay. I'm a little surprised but tell him yes, I'm gay.

He licks his lips, and starts eyeing me like a piece of meat, saying that he knew from my soft sweet voice that I had to be a wildcat, and asked if I was attracted to him. I told him that I wouldn't mind a conversation but that he wasn't my type, trying not to be rude. He told me I'd change my mind after a couple of drinks.

Then K came back, and I was standing there a bit baffled. She finished the buy and said we both needed a shower after that. Apparently she and C were watching and listening on the monitor in the back, and were equally creeped out.

C said that I should have completely outed myself, and see what he'd say, but the way he was eyeing everyone I don't that would have been enough to scare him off. And honestly he was exactly the sort I wouldn't want to disclose to, because I have no idea what he would do.

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  1. Yuck, yeah he sounds like the type who would leave no trace after he's done with a person. I'm so glad that you have good friends up at work who look out for you.


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