Sunday, May 13, 2012

Apollo the Starchild

So, I drew Apollo this evening.

I've been kind of discovering more about his character and his universe, and while it is connected with Starshine, Doran, and Moonbeam's world, it's also connected with my modern day less magical doll world in which Ichigo etc live.

I've determined that Apollo is a member of a religious order, probably druidic in nature. He is a shapeshifter, more closely related to Moonbeam's witchy status, than that of the elementals of their world. He also lives several hundred years after Moonbeam and Doran, and his religious sect seems based on their interpretation of Starshine's entry into the world.

For those who don't know that story, Moonbeam is a young witch, who ends up botching her bonding with her chosen elemental, a young water dragon, and ends up calling to their world and binding to it, a sentient shooting star, who takes the form of a blue and white unicorn. His angry appearance and grumpy attitude are in direct response to being bound to a micro-universe connected with Earth.

The world in which the magical children live, is a pocket within our own world, accessed only by those with a strong spiritual nature who manage to slide into it. It's not a place you can go intentionally, but those with the latent talent can find themselves there on a regular basis.

It is a mostly timeless world with very little changing over the centuries, which is why, when Apollo lives, most of their world is still wild and full of natural and strong magic.

Apollo himself is a sort of Avatar of his sect, embodying the beauty of the world. The religion is based upon balance, and androgyny is idealised, as the original Star is believed to have been both neither male nor female, and both.

They choose their priests carefully, starting pre-puberty, and when the child reaches an age where they favor one sex over the other in an obvious physical way, then pass the torch on to the next, and mentor their replacement. Former Avatars are held in very high regard, and frequently those chosen, have not only a natural beauty, but a strong magical gift that in someway hails back to the first Star.

Apollo was chosen initially because his natural gift of shapeshifting manifested intially as him taking a form very similar to that of the UnicornGod. He isn't an incredibly gifted shapeshifter, but can manifest as male, female, or neuter, in human, or the unicorn form.

His real talent seems to be temporal shifts, as he has been able to slide from world to world, as naturally as any who have the gift. While the majority of his time is spent in his own world, he's found himself in the world of Bear and Ichigo, and also from time to time, the time in which Doran and Moonbeam live.

I don't know that he is aware of it being the same world as he originates from, since he seems to be from a different region, but I get the impression that he may have met them in passing, in their teen and adult years.

So much of their world is unknown to me yet, but I find what I've determined, incredibly interesting, and I want to document it to check back on for future use, hense the long post.

TLDR: I drew Apollo in his Child!Priest robes.

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