Monday, May 7, 2012

Long Overdue

We are massively overstocked on digicams at work, so a whole bunch of them got marked down to $9.88. Nice ones too, most of them under 10 megapixels, a few over, one of which I snagged.

I am the proud owner of a Samsung PL200 (14.2mp 7x Optical Zoom) digital camera. It's a beautiful sleek little thing, red, with a satin finish, and an impressive lense for a point and shoot. It's certainly miles better than the old Kodak Easyshare C340 (3.2mp 3x Optical Zoom) I was using.

This is only my second camera and I've had a ton of fun playing with it. The first photo I took, was to test the macro ability.

This is about an inch from the keyboard of my laptop, in our DARK DIM CAVE of an apartment, and I am floored by the crispness. I know it's soft and halo-y, but I couldn't have even focused in this dark with my Kodak.

All of these are uneditted. No tweaking what-so-ever, so bear with the darkness. I'm just delighted this camera can take photos this clear with so little light.`

Reji was very obliging, as my hardest to photograph doll, due to scale and lighting. :]

Best $8 I've ever spent  after my employee discount.

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  1. *Red* camera? (Looks like Reji is getting in touch with his inner J-Lo?)


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