Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Osaka!

So, today was Osaka's birthday. :] We had a mostly pleasant day, ending on a sour note. Started with running to Target for prescriptions, then down to our favorite shopping complex for lunch and to pick up Warriors Orochi for Xbox360 for her. Then we took a cab to the mall and went and saw The Avengers (WHICH WAS AWESOME) and finished up with dinner at Moes's for delicious giant burritos.

Then we waited almost 2 hours for a cab home. :/ That would be the sour note. I sent this e-mail to the "management" address listed for the cab company on their website.

---Customer Complaint---

To Whom it may concern,

I'm writing this because my attempts to call and discuss this with the dispatcher failed, as no one answered for five minutes, each time I tried.

This evening I called for a cab at 8:10pm, requesting a cab. I was told the wait would be between 15-20 minutes, which is fine. I frequently use YellowCab and rarely have frustrating results, to the point I've got the number on speed dial.

This evening however, we (my roommate, her son, and myself) waited a total of an hour and a half before our cab finally showed up. At the forty minute mark, I called Yellowcab back to see what was going on, when the cabby called me to say he was on the way. No estimation of time, hung up before I could ask how close he was. I called him back ten minutes later, asking where he was, in relation to us. He got irritable and made excuses that he was all the way on the other side of town and that he was stuck in traffic on Lynnhaven Parkway. He told me five minutes. He showed up 20 minutes later.

We saw three separate yellowcabs pass in that time period, and Lynnhaven parkway was DESERTED. When we got in the cab, he remarked sarcastically "How's it feel to be in a one cab town?" Then proceeded to be rude, ask invasive questions, and insist that I had cheated on my spouse. My roommate's son was exhausted as at this point it was nearly 10pm, and he was in tears. It was cold outside, and we'd been waiting outside for over an hour at that point.

As we reached our destination he took a personal call which caused him to nearly miss our stop, and then left the meter running, after he stopped and I was attempting to pay. The fare was at $7.45 when he stopped, and at $8, when he gave me the change.

I generally have good service with Yellowcab, I tip well, I enjoy most of the cabbies. I would like to file a formal complaint, about this particular cab driver but I don't know how to identify him aside from the date and time of my initial call, which you can verify with the dispatcher. My phonenumber is ***-***-****.

If I ever have service this bad again, from this company, I will not be using your service again.

Thank you for your time.

~Rory C

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