Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's been a bit.

I've been offline pretty much since my last post. Things are about the same here. Pherret has found work in Kentucky, but it's mininum wage, so that's not cutting it.

I've discussed the possibility of moving back to Texas, with my family, should it come to that, and am waiting this out for now.

My beard has been filling out nicely. I'm almost 2 years on Testosterone (August will make 2 years), and look very different (and yet in many ways the same) as I did beforehand.

I got a Batchix Machina before the bottom fell out financially. He's arrived, and is waiting on new eyes, which I ordered this evening. Pictured with Osaka's Magoichi:

I'm not sure yet if the internet is back on permanently. It flicked on after a power surge, and I have been taking advantage of it this evening. I'll see tomorrow I suppose. The important thing is that I've done my online bill paying, and ordered a few small things I've needed (like a new laptop battery), and we also got the xbox360 updates done as well.

If it is back on for sure, I will get back to posting semi-regularly.

I will not be scrolling back through a month and a half's posts, so if I've missed anything important please give me a headsup.


  1. Are those green markings supposed to be part of an android type thing?

  2. Yes, that's exactly what I was going for. :]


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