Sunday, October 30, 2011

Videogame Etiquette

So, I'm one of those gamers that generally prefers to play games on my own. I don't mind games with co-op modes, but over-all, I prefer single player games. I also prefer to figure puzzles and such out on my own. I'm a reasonably intelligent guy, and most of the time, if I come at things from enough angles I can figure it out on my own.

One thing I HATE, is when someone natters on about what I'm doing. Whether it's "Hey, what's that over there?" or "Have you tried X Y Z?" if I'm in a bit of a challenge, or just general commentary. I don't like it. It makes what may already be a challenging bit, mindnumblingly difficult.

So, when I was playing Batman Arkham City, and literally stumbled into the Penguin's lair, with Tiny his pet shark, I got a little frustrated. It's one of those things that I can do, if I have peace and quiet and plenty of chances to try it from different angles.

However, what I had instead was Pherret (and Ringo to a much lesser degree) doing the above. "What's that? Try this! Do that over there! What happens if-"

So when I died for the fifth time in a row without snapping off, which took all my self control, and RAGE!QUIT, I was a little upset when Pherret IMMEDIATELY turned to me and asked "Do you mind if I play it for a bit?"

"A little bit actually, cause I'm pretty worked up over it right now" is what I actually said. What I wanted to do was scream "REALLY?! Cause I could have played this and gotten through this section much easier if you would kindly shut the hell up!"

I don't think I'm completely off-base thinking it's rude to ask to play a game someone just rage!quit from. It's nothing to do with ownership of the game, or what else is on TV. It's just that I wouldn't necessarily have been driven to rage!quit if he could have kept his damn mouth shut in the first place.

It is something I have struggled with myself, the keeping quiet when someone else is playing a game. But I believe that the polite thing to do is keep it to myself unless someone else actually asks for my thoughts or opinions on the game.

I had a conversation along these lines with Ringo earlier today and he seems to get it. I wish I could have this conversation with Pherret, but I'm certain he would take it personally.

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