Saturday, October 1, 2011

Discussions with Ringo

I was delighted today, when Osaka relayed a conversation she had with Ringo today. They were having a very pleasant time of running errands, moods in good order and all that.

And she asked Ringo, "What do you know about Rory?"

Ringo replied "Awesome gamer with mad skills who likes cute things"

Osaka clarified "Well what about Robyn becoming Rory?"

And he said "What about it?"

She asked, "Is that just Rory being Rory?"

and he said "Yes!"

"Is it because no matter what, he's still the same on the inside?"

and again he responded "Yes!" and gave her a look like she was a bit crazy. Like it's no big deal.

Which is awesome. We've been open about the change, but not stressing it. It's just something that we are dealing with, the way we don't make a big deal over my asthma, or Osaka's depression, or Pherret's PTSD. It's just one of the things that our family deals with, and there's no reason it has to be a huge stressful deal, because there are other things that ARE worth that kind of attention. Like, Pherret's deathly allergic reactions to shellfish, or Ringo's performance at school, or anything else that is obviously more important.

It's made things easier for everyone to roll with one change at a go.

It's also worth noting that I am getting sir'ed more consistently in public, especially now with the more obvious facial hair, despite the chest. To the point that I got the stink eye from some pre-teen girls when I went to wash my hands in the women's restroom at Cracker Barrel this morning. They were asking loudly "This IS the girls room right?" and staring pointedly at me. I felt really awkward but I was just trying to wash my hands before I ate. @_@ I get a bit nervous going into the mensroom yet. I will be relieved when I have had and healed from my chest surgery, and it will make more sense for everyone to see me in the mensroom.

What spurred the conversation mentioned above, was that Ringo had started to use a male pronoun to refer to me, then stopped and corrected himself. And Osaka told him it was okay to use male pronouns for me, that it was correct. Which was funny because at breakfast he'd been drawing evil mustaches on all the boys on his menu, and informed us "Girls don't grow mustaches.. Well except for Rory but she doesn't count." He's been kind of flip-flopping on pronoun usage for a week or so. I think, because Osaka has been consistently using male pronouns for months, and Pherret is flip-flopping them. He WAS using male pronouns soley when we we're out of the house, but he outted me three times in a week awhile back and I chewed him a new one, so he stopped using them at all.

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