Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Order from Kondoll

So I ordered this outfit August 12th from Kondoll. It said in stock, so I was under the impression the items were pre-made. I received an e-mail on August 22nd, asking what specific doll type the outfit was for, because apparently Kondoll custom tailors for each doll type. Which is fine, because the site did say it to allow between 20 and 30 days for shipping.

Then I didn't hear anything for a bit, but didn't notice because I was distracted with looking for work and such. So, one day I happened to check my bulk mail for something unrelated and saw a message from Kondoll dated September 23rd, with a shipping number, also apologizing for the long wait. I don't know why it got filtered to spam, but I moved it to inbox and sat on it. I discovered this only a day or two after it actually got sent.

Tracking never did updated. I kept trying but I got nothing but errors on the chinese tracking site, and the USA didn't confirm that it ever entered the country. Finally it turned up Thursday evening October 13th. That is, two full months after I placed the order initially.

Upon opening the package I discovered it to be made of exquisite quality. I paid $41 US dollars, airmail shipping included. They could have charged about 65-70 for the outfit alone. Some of there stuff is for that much. Only real problem was that this wasn't the exact item I ordered. It was the nearly identical one, and it was handmade, fits perfectly, and the one I debated ordering instead so I'm really not upset. It's just worth noting, that after waiting two months, while the outfit is made beautifully, and everything I'd hoped for, it's not exactly what I ordered.

That said, Noland is happy. This is his first proper outfit. I do plan to order from Kondoll again, taking into account the length of time I should expect, and springing for EMS next time if it is offered. Cause I don't like knowing I could have had it in hand after shortly after a month.

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