Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sick again, and self!doll chatter.

I have a ton I want to post about, but I've caught a cold again. e_e I know I'm likely to be ill all the school year, with Osaka's kid in 2nd grade, and I don't mind so much, but at the moment it's inconvenient.

I've made a tentative decision about my self!doll, and put together a little comparison. I was leaning towards Luts Junior Delf Rigel, after my last livejournal entry, and talking things through with Osaka. I like the Iplehouse boys, but the scale was concerning me, since I want my (opposite gendered, Osaka and Wotan have theirs, and I like the idea) self!doll to be able to interact realistically with my friends and families' dolls.

So, when I was looking at sculpts and doing more comparisons, Osaka pointed out that School C resembled me in that stylized doll way, in the same ways that I love about Rigel. So, today I decided to tentatively re-do his(Onigiri) eyebrows, and make him a dark wig, and feel it out.

This is what I got:

And, borrowing Christian's body (so I could more easily trim the wig, SD13 body is WAY too big for School C), next to a photo of me.

He also borrowed Christian's glasses a moment so I could be sure that his sculpt could look okay with glasses. I still need to finish the face if I decide to make him into Robbie (the name I've settled on). Luckily I did his faceup very neutrally originally. I just needed darker brows. I need to do more blushing around the eyes and brows, and I think a little on the chin to gently emulate my subtle cleft, and around the nose to make the nose look a little bigger.

I did try my 16mm hazel eyes, but they REFUSED to go in without looking totally wall-eyed or cross-eyed. So, I put in these 18mm green-greys I've had for quite some time, originally set aside for the Chiwoo I wanted. The pupils are a little small, so despite the large iris size he can stare quite intensely. O_O It's slightly unsettling, but he already isn't Onigiri anymore. I don't know if he's Robbie per se, but I'll feel it out.

I need to buy some sealant (so wish me luck in my 2nd interview at Home Depot tomorrow) before I tweak the faceup further, but I know what all I need to do. In addition to more blushing, I need to darken the lips (because due to my Black Irish complexion, my lips are pretty well always very rosy), and sort out how to do the tragus and lip peircings. Also if this head ends up being him, I'll need to do freckling as well.

I know once I finish adjusting this faceup he'll look rather remarkably like a stylized version of me. Too slim but the SD10 body is at least on the stocky side. I'm still not quite sure, but this is why I haven't done all the altering to the faceup, so that I can try and reclaim him as Onigiri if he doesn't feel like Robbie after a bit.

Once I have paid back my debts, I'm getting him a body, regardless of who he ends up being. Ugh.. I meant to go to sleep a half hour ago. T3T

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