Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not much going on.

I spoke too soon. Most of ya'll already know I caught the flu, and then it turned into a cold. I'm mostly over it now thank goodness, but that's the main reason for my lack of posting lately. e_e;;

So, Christy's TV died a tragic death recently. She got a new HDTV, and it arrived today. It's quite lovely. It'll be a bit before we have all the settings right I suspect but I just played some Batman, trying to finish off the Riddler's stuff, and it was GORGEOUS. It looked beautiful in standard def too, but MAN is it pretty in HD. :]

Anyway not much going on. I need to go to sleep, cause I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon. I'm interviewing at The Home Depot, 1pm, for a part time cashier position. At this point I'm just hoping for anything, so I'm crossing my fingers. Wish me luck!

Oh, and Jenni it won't let me follow your blog anymore, says it's gone private.. So, if you wouldn't mind, add me so I can read it?


  1. Sooo sorry. I thought I had sent you an invite. You will see why I went private if you back several posts. It's quite funny. Gotta love the baby mama drama!

  2. Well where-ever you sent invite, I never received it. Could you add my google mail address? It's Rorekgwolfe at gmail.


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