Sunday, October 14, 2007

Spoiled brats! <3

It's been a little while since I've posted anything animal related. The animals are all doing pretty well.

Hammy has some tubes to explore now, which he loves, and Taz and Peepi have a little bit of tubes as well. Hammy has seemed a little depressed or lonely lately, but I'm still grieving for Cartman. I'm not ready to try and find him a cage mate, but I will admit that he would benefit from one. Anyway, this is what his current setup looks like. The cage is out in the living room only because Ti couldn't sleep. I kept a close eye on him, and the cats. :3 That's Owen staring at him, as he runs on the wheel.

Oh, and I'm sure ya'll have noticed the bright light on my desk in recent doll photos. Well Decke thinks it's for him. I put a soft blanket up on the desk for him to chill on, and he basks under the warm, purring loudly. Eventually purring fades to gentle snoring and we get this:

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